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Hello friends,

My name is Phoebe and I would like to welcome you to my web site.

I love painting and photography. Oil is by far my favorite medium. I studied graphic design and drawing in my youth but found myself more in love with oil painting. I have been an artist for almost 28 years.

For me, the beauty of being an artist is the freedom to create and change the world the way I like it, to express whats in my heart on canvas.

I love to travel and have visited over 20 of these great States. Living in California, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Montana and currently reside in Oregon.

In my web site, you will find posters of my favorite oil paintings. Photographs chosen from photography collection. My printer is Canon IPF 6100 -- 12 color large format printer. Capable of developing the finest quality of artworks.

Thank you for taking the time to browse the web site and please feel free to e-mail me any suggestions or comments you may have.



Thank you God granting the gift of talent to be a good artist, the wisdom and knowledge to create my own web site, the strengh and hope to believe this would all come true.

Thank you God who making all my wishes and dreams come true.

Thank you God for the love and care of my family, for without them I would not have made it this far.

Thank you God for putting a special friend Mr. John Barlean in my life. God puts people in our lives for a reason. John is the only person who truely believes in me and encouages me to follow my heart and chase my dreams. I will never forget the increditable feeling and tears of joy the first time I saw my artwork on paper. All of a sudden, I realized my dreams had come true and were looking back at me. Without you, publishing my artworks and creating this web site would not have happened. I want to thank you John Barlean, my best friend for your unlimited support and May God Bless you!


Copies of Phoebe's original oil paintings

Phoebe's favorite photos

Smaller size prints of Phoebe's personal pick phototgraphs which will not publish in large prints

PRINTING SERVICE High quality printing from Canon IPF 6100 --12 color large format printer



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